5 signs that they are your friend at heart

friend at heart

The friend of the heart is the ultimate in friendship.

This is something that everyone seeks and few people discover on the tumultuous journey that is life. Heartfriends are born in a wide variety of situations. Whether you’ve been joined at the hip since birth or met a year ago at a campus event, you can be sure that this is your heart friend if…

Friendship is about give and take, but like all things in life, this rule can (and in some cases should) be ignored in certain circumstances. Ifyou can turn to him in a time of crisis and trust him completely to drop everything to get you through the day, he may well be your friend at heart.

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2. He asks you.

When you are facing difficult times, you can run to them. But do they come to you when the tables are turned? If you’ve ever received an “S.O.S.” text message from them and immediately jumped in the car, tissues in hand, they may be your friends at heart.

3. They love you shamelessly.

Even at your worst moments, they cherish your presence. If you’re walking around town in your dirtiest t-shirt and obviously unkempt hair, they’ll still confidently walk beside you and proudly escort you out of parties when your glass is empty for the tenth time. If she values your friendship in pajamas as much as in heels, she could be your friend at heart.

friend at heart

4. It reads your mind.

If you often find yourself on the same thought, or if you frequently get a text exactly when you need it, you probably have a gem on your hands. Organic chemistry that generates exciting conversations and immense amounts of comfort is a telltale sign; it could be your friend at heart.

5. You can’t imagine life without them.

If you’ve ever been struck by the realization thatyou couldn’t survive without them around, they could be your friend at heart.

And if you ever feel like picking up the phone and telling them that you love and appreciate them, do it. Because they are your heartfriends, and they deserve to know it.

To my heart friend, you know who you are.

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