12 signs that prove your friendship is real

sign of sincere friendship

Life is incomplete without friends.

Remember the good old days spent with your friends at school. Friends who made your school life memorable. Friendship is the essence of life. Friends are like the family we have chosen for ourselves. Friendship is not just a combination of ten letters, but it is a combination of emotions .Friendship does not mean that you have known for a long time, but have always been together. It is not important to have a large circle of friends important is to have four to five friends who are forever with you. True friendship requires the most important connection which is the connection of the heart. They are the ones who taught you how to live, how to spend time without being judged. They are the ones who know your best and worse have chosen you.

True friends are those you don’t see every day. You don’t have to see each other every day. You may not see each other regularly, but you know that you are always together.

It is simple that you might not be able to meet daily because of your own reasons, but when you meet everything is the same as when you left each other. There is no change in your friendship.

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You can’t fake anything in front of them.

They are the ones who know you so well that it becomes difficult for you to pretend in front of them. They know you. They can read your face. You can make excuses to others but they cannot.You are you in front of them. They have accepted you as you are. You don’t have to change yourself.

You don’t have to text them every day.

It’s not a requirement to text each other every day. You don’t text each other but you call each other often. You may not call or text each other but once you start, it’s hard for you to stop because you always have a lot to talk about.

You know you have their back

Whatever the reason, they will always be with you when you need them. They will be everywhere with you like a pillar. They won’t leave you in the middle and carry on. They can fight for you.

You can always trust them

They are the friends you can trust blindly. You trust them so much that there is no room to break your trust. You have complete faith in your friendship. Your past experiences with them have made you realize how important they are and you can trust them without the fear of being abandoned at the last moment.

You never regret being friends

They are the ones you’ve lived through sunny days as well as dark days with, which has made your friendship stronger. They will never let you down and you will never regret being their friend.

You leave no room for misunderstanding.

You understand them the same way they understand you. There’s a lot of understanding. If a misunderstanding arises, you resolve it within a day.

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Your disputes end quickly

You don’t hold grudges against each other. You let each other say whatever you want. At the time, you get into fights that don’t last long because they end with the fact that it was your mistake, then you apologize and move on. The best part is that you never mention it again.

You can always say what you feel without fear of being judged.

The things you can’t tell your parents, you can always tell them without fear of being judged, they will laugh at you before they heal you emotionally.

You always have a listening ear for you

They will always listen to you, your nonsense, your problems, just like your family does. They will not only listen to you but they will always solve your problems. You can always talk to them about your problems even at 3 in the morning. They will listen to you anytime and anywhere. They are the best counselors and solve problems too.

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Your friendship is a two-way street

True friends are those who will always be there with you. You don’t have to run after them to stay in touch with them. They will always take the time to listen to you, to guide you, to motivate you, in short, to make you a better person. You know they are just a phone call away. You know they will always stay with you.

You have become a family

You’ve known each other for so many years that they are part of your family. You have been friends since school. You know each other’s family very well, in fact, your parents treat them the same way they treat you. You don’t need to be formal with each other. You’ve celebrated years together. They have accepted you as you are. You don’t have to change. They will always support you as your family.

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