9 common things that lead to a friendship breakup

crisis of friendship

Breaking up is a bad, bad thing that can happen to anyone. You’ll be hard pressed to find a person who can claim to have experienced a clean or happy breakup (or both). Post-breakup is when we need our friends the most, because honestly, Indian parents tend to find happiness when their son or daughter becomes single (strange, I know!).

But what happens if you break up with your friend? Who do you turn to then? Who do you call at 2am when you desperately miss your ex and are crying your eyes out? Because a friendship breakup only happens when the friendship is really intense, and when that happens, you lose that person you always turned to in such situations!

You’ll probably identify with these 9 things that lead to friendship breakup, but I sincerely hope not!

The things that affect friendships the most are the little things, and misunderstandings. Big problems can sometimes be solved by talking about them, but small problems go unnoticed and unaddressed when they should. Instead, at some point, things get completely out of control and manifest themselves as an explosion. And the friendship is never the same again!

crisis of friendship

2. One of the friends has a partner

This is a classic reason for friendship breakups. Your friend has a girlfriend or boyfriend and no longer has time for you. Even if he or she manages to meet you, he or she is either accompanied by his or her significant other or can’t wait for your “meeting” to end so he or she can go meet his or her girlfriend or boyfriend. The friend takes the friendship for granted and you simply don’t matter in their life anymore. What’s left to friendship anyway!

3. Jealousy attacks

A friend has just gotten a new phone, or maybe another partner, or a better grade on an exam than the other person. But instead of being happy for the friend, the other person is jealous, perhaps even unknowingly! Needless to say, the appreciation he/she had for the friendship will eventually fade away!

4. Third party involvement

Third parties can be dangerous. Whether it’s turning your friend away from you or simply talking bad about you behind your back, these people often take it upon themselves to ruin a perfect friendship! So always trust your instincts, not a random person.

5. Involvement of family members, especially parents

Our families have a habit of chronically hating our friends. According to them, our friends are worse than nuclear radiation! Sometimes this problem gets so bad that it leads to a complete breakdown of the friendship! *I’m here, I’ve seen it*.

6. Move to another location

“Out of sight = out of mind,” they say. And while friends promise each other to keep the friendship alive even if they move, it rarely happens. Life takes its toll, we meet new people, fill our time with new routines, and the friend becomes “someone I used to know,” and the friendship just a bunch of beautiful memories to cherish.

7. A big fight between two friends

A big fight, no matter the reason or mode, is often the cause of a lifelong rift between people who thought they were best friends for life. Even if the two guilty parties try to reconcile, it becomes a torn thread held together by tying a knot.

crisis of friendship

8. A huge emotional avalanche

Remember Farhan’s dialogue in 3 Idiots, when he said that the thing worse than failure is that your friend comes first? It’s true. Often you just can’t relate to your friend’s happiness or sadness, which is really unacceptable on their part. Result = falling out and eventual death of the friendship!

9. When two of your close friends break up

And the only option you have is to choose one or lose both, and you don’t know what to do!

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