5 ways to find the best friend you thought you’d lost forever

amie perdue reconquérir

It’s like losing a part of your heart when you lose a friend.

It makes you wonder where they went and long to see them again. You might blame yourself or it could be his fault. Both of you are stubborn so you hold on to your anger until it’s gone.

You may be thinking of your best friend even after you have lost her. Or while you’re out and about talking about a crazy idea that you knew wouldn’t work but you were willing to share it with you.

You realise that there is no one like her in the world. You want to end the silence, restore friendship and call a truce. You don’t know where you should start.

Reconstruire une amitié

When you feel that everything is not your fault, it can be difficult to accept responsibility. Even more difficult is to let go of your pride when you feel you can’t live with her, when she can.

Let’s suppose you are ready to surrender and take the high road. Even after all the silence, she is your friend. Here are some ways to make up and get back what you lost. It’s worth it to build friendships!

The hardest thing to do when you have been hurt by someone you trusted is to open up and risk being hurt again. Your best friend knows your weak points and you may feel like he or she has targeted them for the kill.

Ultimately, the reason you want to try to reconcile is because you are the one who needs to get closer to the problem. The first step in realizing that you need to take responsibility for your part is to first forgive yourself for being angry, hurt and not knowing what to do when things got messy.

2. Remember to give the benefit of the doubt.

Sometimes a person assumes that he or she knows the motive behind what another person is doing, and this makes things even worse. You can’t read someone’s mind. Just because you know someone inside and out doesn’t mean you know all the motives behind an action.

Your best friend may have had a reason for saying the things she did. If she starts talking to you again, give her time to tell you what’s going on. Even if it hurts, listen. Give her the benefit of the doubt and realize that if you are able to get over this hump in the history of your friendship, you may have a lifetime to work through the problems created by yesterday.

3. Don’t hold a grudge.

It is not the same thing to dwell on the past in order to solve a problem or to cling to the past so that you cannot afford to trust again. It is important not to bring up the past when you are still angry about what happened.

Remember that you are both human. Human beings can make mistakes which are not only forgiveable, but also avoidable.

4. Accept negative feedback and use it to grow.

The person closest to you will often see the worst in you but still love you. Your friend may love you, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t tell you when you are wrong.

Be open to receiving advice and using your friendship to help you improve. A friend who can help make you the best version of yourself is the best thing. This is the essence of friendship.

5. Reassess the situation and ask yourself if you have misunderstood the relationship.

Sometimes, people can get bored of one another. Sometimes friendships can appear deep but are really just a time of mutual support. Sometimes one person might have felt closer to the other than the other, and it is possible that there was a misinterpretation about the relationship’s depth.

You may need to accept that your best friend is only there for a short time when a friendship ends abruptly due to an inconvenience or disagreement. Realize the harsh truth: You may never find out why your relationship ended.

Accepting the end to a friendship is hard enough. But, knowing why can make it difficult to move on. Sometimes, there’s no reason to be. Sometimes, a person can be so cold. You are the only one responsible. After you have tried your best to make amends, it’s time to let it go.

You can grieve the loss with dignity, grace and understanding. It is possible to still remember your time together by writing a note about how it was special for you. Seal it and keep it safe with the intention to open it within a year.

It’s possible to spend a whole day organizing photos and other mementos, and then put them in a time capsule so you can recall them whenever you feel better. Remember that memories are treasures to be kept and not buried, no matter what you do. Being loved makes you a better person.

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