The most effective ways to maintain your long-distance friendships and keep them alive

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We can often take everything with us when we move away. This includes clothes and cars. Our loved ones who remain behind. Some people don’t believe long-distance friendships. We are here to prove them wrong. These are our top tips to keep in touch with your family, friends and anyone you care about after you move.

Long-distance moves are always exciting, stressful, and sometimes even sad. People move to improve their lives, whether they have a job or want to pursue their dreams. When the excitement of moving fades, we begin to think about what and who we have left . We have some suggestions for keeping close friends if you are worried about losing them.

You’ve made it official. It’s great. Now comes the difficult part to inform your friends that you are moving across country. It’s not an easy task, but it is something you should do. Your friends may be mad that they didn’t know. This information should not be kept secret as it will increase stress around the move. True friends will be there for you no matter what and will never let you down.

amitié distance

You can help them move faster if you let them know. You never know how many moving tips your friends have on packing books for the move or how to transport them by road. Although you may not be able to tell your friends how to change their address or where to find moving supplies, they can still help. You can enjoy the time spent together by inviting them to participate in the process. Ask them to help with a college packing list and a moving expense checklist. Let them know that you value their input in this situation. Don’t forget to throw a memorable moving party.

Do long-distance friendships work?

Distance is irrelevant if the friendship and connection you share is real. Although it sounds cliché, it is true. It will work, or it won’t. It will all depend on each of you. If you feel overwhelmed by the task of moving into your first apartment, your friend might be able to understand. Once you are settled in your new home and have completed the remote moving services , be sure to contact and begin to build a relationship with your friend.

amitié distance

There’s no miracle cure, but just because there are many miles between you doesn’t mean your friendship is doomed. Relationships can break down even when people move locally, just a few blocks away. So stop focusing too much on the miles and the negatives, and start looking ahead to the many adventures you’ll have together when you get together.

How do you survive a long-distance friendship?

To maintain and nurture such relationships, you need to build a solid foundation. However, this does not necessarily mean that you need to have known this person for years. Maybe you met someone just a few months before your moving adventure, and then the two of you clicked. It’s important that both people want to continue working on the relationship and invest their time in spending time together, even if it’s only online.

Is your bond strong enough to evolve and adapt to this phase?

Do you feel willing to make small adjustments to keep in touch? If you live in different time zones, are you willing to rise early to make a call? You will both have times when you are too busy. However, you must be able to trust each other enough to return to work as if nothing happened. If you want it to work , you will need to put in more effort , be more understanding, and it might not be ideal but it is worth it if the person you are with is worth it.

Conseils et idées pour rester régulièrement en contact avec vos amis éloignés

You’ve managed to find the most cost-effective way to move across borders, and with the help of some moving tips, everything is finally coming together. But there’s just one problem. You miss your friends too much. If you’re wondering whether to move back home, know that you can still do it, but is it the right choice? Making friends in a new city can be a challenge, but maintaining your friendships from afar isn’t much easier. It’s hard to start a new chapter, but don’t give up until you’ve tried some of our recommendations for staying connected with people back home.

Start using these tips to maintain your long-distance friendships.

Establish new traditions

Maybe you’re not someone who likes to talk a lot on the phone or spend hours texting. But what about writing a letter? It’s much more personal to write, and it can be something you look forward to waiting for a reply.

Don’t just talk about yourself

If you’ve moved, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of stories to tell, whether it’s the whole moving experience or the little day-to-day things that are different. But while your friend will appreciate you sharing all the details, don’t forget to ask them how they’re feeling, what’s new, etc. Don’t forget important dates and things that are important to him.

amitié distance

Surprise them

You know your friend is celebrating a birthday, an important date or a significant event in their lives. Why not send them a small gift to show how much you care? You don’t need to send anything extravagant. A small card can prove to be more effective than sending a text message.

Schedule your appointment

It can be difficult to find a time that both of you are available if you live in different time zones or are very busy. Avoid answering too many calls or being ignored by messages. Choose a day in the week when both of you are free. Make it a weekly routine to meet up every Saturday afternoon. Or whenever you feel like it.

Keep it real

While it is tempting to only focus on the positive aspects of the move, you should also discuss the negative things. A moving scam could have made you a victim. You may have noticed that your apartment is different from what you saw online. Your coworkers aren’t as friendly, your neighbors aren’t familiar with you, and so on. You shouldn’t feel ashamed to share your imperfections with loved ones.

Shared experiences

Just because you’re not physically together doesn’t mean you can’t do certain things together. Watch your favourite Netflix show together while talking on the phone, or call each other and have morning coffee together. You can play video games and even shop online together, why not? There are many possibilities

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Try to see each other from time to time

Depending on mileage and circumstances, you should make an effort to meet up with your friends when the opportunity presents itself. Invite them to your home and show them all the exciting things in your city, plan a holiday together or annual get-togethers. Even if you feel comfortable communicating online and get used to it, there’s no substitute for spending time together in real life.

What should I write to my long lost friend? Sharing new stories and reminiscing about old ones

Accept the fact that you will need to write more. It is no longer possible to reply to messages with “ok”, “I’m okay”, etc. While you don’t need to write every day , at least one or two times per week will help you keep up with what’s happening in your friends’ lives. Perhaps you came across a bookstore that reminded of a friend’s favorite book or a coffee shop you love that you want your friends to visit. These stories can be shared with your friends to show how much you care and to keep them informed about everything that’s happening.

Signs that your friendship may be doomed

Every now and then, no matter how hard we try, we distance ourselves from certain people. Maybe it’s for the best, maybe it wasn’t meant to be, or maybe someone stopped trying and showed their true colors. Moving from one place to another is a true test of any friendship, so if someone doesn’t want to be in your life, you should let them go. At first, you will try to justify yourself and make excuses, but if the person has changed, there is little to do but accept it. Besides, maybe you’re the one who wants to cut ties? So if you notice any of these signs, you might want to move on.

  • You fight more often
  • It’s getting awkward between you
  • You don’t want to share everything that’s going on.
  • You think their behaviour is toxic
  • You feel they don’t care about you
  • There are too many ignored texts and unanswered calls.
  • You have become more distant from each other

Why are long-distance friendships the best?

The good thing is that there are still people who really enjoy maintaining long-distance friendships. If your relationship passes this test, especially in the first few months which are usually the most critical, you can say you have a reliable friend for life. And in the end, that’s all that matters. So let’s look at why these relationships are worth having and what are the signs that you have a true partner by your side.

  • You make each other laugh even when you’re not together.
  • You appreciate the moments you can spend together more.
  • Your relationship grows stronger
  • You always have somewhere to go.
  • You have so many memories to reminisce
  • Striving to maintain a long-distance friendship after moving across the country

    You never know, your paths may cross again, and you might find yourself in the same place as your childhood friend. In the meantime, you can keep in touch. There are so many options and ways to communicate online that you don’t have any excuses not to be there for your loved ones. You will be able to take your relationship to the next level and strengthen your bond.

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