5 ways to save a sinking long-distance friendship

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Long-distance friendships are difficult, just like all long-distance relationships. Because of the distance, it can be difficult to maintain a long-distance friendship.

Long-distance relationships often end in discord when one or both of the partners neglects the relationship or puts less effort into it. If you love your friend deeply and want to keep them/her in your lives , there are many ways to maintain that friendship .

A long-distance friend is a friendship that exists between two people who live far apart. They don’t usually see each other often if they do.

Does distance matter for friendship?

Yes. Friends can spend more time together when they are close to one another. This means that they will share more with one another and have shared life experiences that can strengthen their bonds. They will be more connected than distant friends who might not understand all situations or offer the same support or partnership in all cases.

Sauver une amitié

When you spend less time with someone, distance can lead to friendships being weaker. You may find it difficult to keep in touch with someone you don’t know as much because you need to make more effort to contact and visit them. Timing can be difficult due to the difference in time.

How do you know if your long-distance friendship is doomed to fail?

Not all long-distance friendships last for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they simply disappear over time, while other times the distance can create tension and cause conflict in the friendship, such as trust issues.

Here are five signs that your long-distance friendship may be breaking up.

1. You stop calling or texting as frequently.

It could indicate that your friendship is slowly falling apart if you stop texting or calling as often. Communication is key to maintaining a long-distance friendship. It’s not a good sign if you only communicate via email or text when you used to call on the phone.

2. You no longer give priority to contact time.

If you and your friend don’t prioritize time together, it could also indicate that friendship is deteriorating. Communication is crucial, so make sure you have time to chat by Skype or phone. If you get lazy, it is possible for the situation to worsen and you could lose contact with your friend.

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3. You stop sharing important details of your life with each other.

It is just as important to you and your friend to keep each other informed about important events in their lives. It can indicate that you are losing touch if your friend has a new job or you have been dumped. Friends share their latest news with.

4. You start to forget the other in some way.

If you forget the details of your friend’s birthday, move date, or wedding anniversary it could indicate that your friendship is weakening. It could be an indication that their friendship is slowly losing its value. Share a friendship bracelet to remind your friend that you will never forget them!

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5. You start arguing about trust issues.

If you or your friend begins to lose trust, that’s a big red flag. After all, trust is a central part of any friendship. Without trust, there is no friendship, especially when trust is the only thing you can have at a distance.

5 ways to strengthen your long-distance friendship

If you feel that your long-distance friendship is starting to falter, there are some things you can do to deepen the friendship again. Here are five tips.

1. Make real time to catch up with your friend.

Spend some time with your friend to make new connections. A video chat can be scheduled for an hour per week. You can send a few texts every day or week. You can call him every weekend, or every other weekend. Do whatever you can do, so do it.

2. Start to open up more to your friend.

Start sharing your news if you feel that your friendship is losing steam. This will likely get them to share their thoughts. You can ask!

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3. Create reminders for important dates concerning your friend.

Set reminders for important dates in your friend’s life, such as their birthday. That way, you can remember to contact them.

4. Engage in more open and frank conversations with your friend.

If you’re worried about trust issues in your friendship, start having deeper and more honest conversations with your friend. You may need to work to regain that sense of security with him.

5. Plan visits to see your friend.

Visit your friend if you have the time and money. Invite him to visit you. Even if you only get to visit once a year it is better than not seeing each other.

Long-distance relationships can be hard. They take time and energy and you won’t see the same benefits if you spend more time with your friends in your community. However, if you don’t invest time and energy in nurturing your long-distance friendship it can easily disappear.

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